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March 05, 2010


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A kid's laugh
Chicken in a Biskit
Oreos with milk
A run through the forest


1.The spontaneous hug or kiss from your child
2.the site of an otter splashing around carefree in the water
3.Tim Hortons Coffee
4.The feel of a book when you first crack it open
5.Daniel Craig's tush
I'm crossing my fingers for you and hope it all turns out ok


1. I love school...
2. I like good teachers...
3. I enjoy fine music, & other music some don't find so fine. :)
4. I really, really like to play devil's advocate for the purpose of exploring options.
5. I like medium rare midwestern steaks
6. the color of a Robin's egg
7. good friends
8. The sound of cicada
9. Lightning bug flashes
10. dreaming of what's next.



My son's laughter
Frying bacon then cooking pancakes in the same pan
The company of smart and creative women


1. The first day of the year you can go with a jacket
2. Sweet coffee
3. The smell of a fresh bathed kid
4. Early bedtime and fresh sheets

Thinking of you.


Hugs with my son
genuine laughter from my son
raspberry scones at Peets
waves crashing on rocks
walking the journey with friends


My favorite things...

Hanging with my husband
Quality moments with friends
Amazing food (cooking and eating it!)
Enjoying good wine
Playing with my nephew and niece
Snuggling up to a sweet kitty cat or dog
Bright colors, especially in nature
Nature in general

Thinking of you Krista!


My favorite things:
-my favorite coffee blend
-lavender bunches (I have several plants)
-fresh roses in unusual colors (in a pinch any fresh frilly flower)
-getting a good massage
-working in a flower garden
-watching all the birds at my feeders (they make me smile)
-dark chocolate
-writing with a fountain pen
-taking pictures
-fresh oysters, crablegs, shrimp
-mango fresh and in drinks
-fresh raspberries off my bushes

my list is getting get the idea. Hang in there Krista, you'll get through this.

A Cottage Industry

browsing decorating magazines
playing with my big yellow dog
listening to good music on my ipod...loudly!

You've been in my prayers all week Krista.


A bowl of risotto and a glass of wine
The first pink blossoms on the trees outside
Freshly washed sheets
Cooking Sunday dinner while listening to Splendid Table
A cup of coffee and a magazine on a Saturday morning
The giggle of a kid jumping on a bed
Seeing my 11yo rotate between playing with dolls and doing more teenagery things

Thinking of you, Krista!



-fresh green grass
-bare feet
-vegetable gardens
-hammocks and a cool breeze
-browsing arty shops in historic touristy small towns
-pretty dishes
-fond memories
-homecooked meals

and finally, Krista,
-folded Japanese Paper Cranes... the legend is that if you fold 1000 you will get your wish; and my wish for you is for strength, courage and health in mind, body and spirit.

God bless you,

Julie Bestry

My faves, in no particular order

-Waking up and seeing that I still have hours until I have to get up
-A new Entertainment Weekly in my mailbox
-Sharing a hearty laugh with my mom, so silly that we can't catch our breath
-That first taste of really good cheese
-Discovering an author whose writing really delights (and discovering she/he has written many other books)
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-When a client exults over the great improvements we've made
-Listening to NPR shows on Saturday morning and early afternoon
-Dazzling, charming friends like Krista!


-great value peanut butter cups
-swimming in the early morning
-getting done with a kick my butt p90x workout
-sauna and swim on Lake Superior
-a day at the beach
-roller coasters
-hugs from my hubby
-kisses from my 6 year old red head
-fun posts like this:)


Thinking of you, Dear Christa. Please let us know how it all comes out. We're here, praying for you.


It would help if I spelled your name right. Sorry!

Jeri Dansky

Oh, let's see, here's a few:

1. My cats, snuggled up together in the bed.
2. Glorious days along the coast.
3. Twitter - and people I've met through Twitter.
4. ALL the wonderful people in my life: family, friends, clients, colleagues.
5. Julie's Organic raspberry trifle ice cream - not good for me, but oh so delicious!
6. Selected poems by e.e. cummings and Edna St Vincent Millay.
7. Daffodils - I know you listed them, but I love them, too.
8. The terra-cotta orange wall in my office.
9. My MacBook and iPhone.
10. The frogs that hang out in/around my front pond.

Brendas Snell

* Freshly fallen snow
* Tulips
* A freshly painted house - interior or exterior
* The sound of silence
* That first cup of coffee in the morning
* Children's laughter
* Creme Brulee
* Christmas morning
* Pajama days
* Reading a great book by a pool
* Lake Chelan
* Watching TV/hanging in my King size bed with my hubby and boys and sometimes dog


- sleeping in
- ipod playlists
- ice cold water
- Schlitterbahn on a summer day
- uninterrupted reading time
- afternoon naps

Let us know when you hear something. Thinking of you!

Emily Wilska

I'm too verbose to leave just a comment, so I wrote you a whole post.

The world is with you, amiga!

Jeri Dansky

Oh, I've got to add this one - makes me smile every time I watch:

And so does this:


My favorite thing~ A GREAT laugh with a friend in the dressing room :) PRICELESS!!!

LOVE you Krista~

LoneStarLifer Paula

1) laughing with my girlfriends
2) getting in the car to take a fun trip
3) a spontaneous hug from hubs or son
4) long,unrushed dinner ending with panna cotta and brandy :>)

((((hugs))) for a good outcome


Maybe I should have read this BEFORE getting you those tulips? Wrong color! Anyway,
my favorite things...
my kid's belly laughs (any kidlets belly laughs!)
the trees on Dahlia Dr in full bloom
sand warmed by the sun
the END of a good work out
reading reading reading
butterfly kisses (with your eyelashes)

Dani Liu

- a down comforter
- a mimosa on Christmas morning
- a hot shower
- taking off my bra after a long day
- watching my kids sleep

Big Annie

1. Late adapters :-)
2. Going for a jog and running by someone's laundry sending yummy scents into the street
3. Delicious stationary that inspires a hand-written note
4. The look of wonderment when a baby first shoves its toes into its mouth


- Oh, I too love daffodils! My older sister brought homegrown ones to my mom when she had me, and I LOVE them. I just wore them and carried them at my wedding!
- Waking up, rolling over, and falling back asleep in my husband's arms.
- Naptime on the couch with the kitty.
- An Intelligentsia latte.. mm...

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