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January 16, 2009


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oh thank you for posting this! I read it and was like, DUH. seriously, three scoops everyday from the coffee can....well today, THAT.STOPPED. I measured and now one big scoop and I am done! Thank you thank you thank you!

Michele @ The Integrated Mother

Good ideas!

I got so tired of my kids asking me to get them something to drink - all. the. time. - that I moved the kid-friendly dishes to a lower cabinet, and also put kid-friendly pitchers of juices, milks, etc. on the bottom rack of the fridge door. Talk about freeing!!

Now, my problem is that my kids tend to hang on the cabinet door where their dishes are housed. My husband has had to re-align and tighten the door so many times now! I consider it job transference. :)


Honey and PB at your house? Cream cheese and jelly at mine. I recently checked all of our expiration dates on the jars shoved in the door of the fridge (and was horrified upon finding things that had expired in 2006!) and reorganized it and readjusted the shelving.

Now, in the top bin are the cream cheese and jelly since that is my kids' #1 pick for their lunch time meal (well, my 3yo says her 16mo old brother wants it, I can only hope that some day he'll be able to talk and confirm his taste for this). I love having it *right there*!!

In the second bin are cheese sticks and jello - or other small snacks. Again, quick grabs that don't require me to open any drawer or haul out three gallons of milk (because it was on sale) to find what the kids are clamoring for.

Thanks for your reminder to do it throughout the kitchen!

Erin R

Inspired by you, I figured out that the bottles, bottle liners, and formula needed to be all in one place near the microwave. Before that, I had formula with "food", bottles with "glasses", nipples with "small accessories", and bottle liners with "plastics". And it all needed to be gathered in the dark at 3 am. By the way, tell me I'm not the only Mama who regularly works by the light of the open microwave.

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