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December 05, 2008


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Cindy C.

Great idea!! It's such a good feeling when I read someone else's good idea...and I'm already doing it. Usually it means adding something new to my routine. With four kids, though, I decided to do this a long time ago. Personal favorite: Hanes has the colored "Hanes" across the bottom of the toes. LOVE those!!

Enjoying your blog!

Kristina Brooke

This is a great idea and something that I really need to do. I love cute socks with different patterns and all, but I hate have to put them together after doing laundry. All white socks would be so much better.

Great tip!

krista colvin

oooh, I'll need to check out the Hanes socks next go around!

AND.... little miss Kristina Brooke, YOU must stop buying + wearing socks with different patterns! That sounds like a complete laundry nightmare ;)

erin r

I have to admit, I don't stick to the rules exactly, but I almost get there by allowing a concept of "coordinating" socks for kids instead of "matching". If you buy the set of 9 pair from Costco or wherever, they basically share a color family and are all the same shape. My 4- and 1-year-olds don't care if they have one purple/pink stripe and one purple/pink argyle or one navy with green dinosaurs and one green with navy airplanes. The 4 year old is going to wear it with blue leggings, a green flowered dress, and a purple sparkly striped turtleneck anyway. One path to organization is to rewrite the rules:)


I try to do the same thing. But still have a lot that can't throw away. I have a marking system for clothes & socks. Oldest of the 5 at home is 1 dot on his clothes tags (sharpie marker). Next down is 2 dots, next 3, next 4 and the only girl is easy. No dots.
When clothes from the oldest are passed down, just add another dot for the next child.


this is a smart idea... socks here are out of control! i just never wear matching ones ever

elida field

O.K. I really need help in this area. It is quite disturbing when my 9yr. old is running out the door pulling on his dad's size 12 socks which aren't even a match, but unfortunately the only clean pair he can find. My problem is keeping them together in the wash. It seems I am always buying socks, and never have enough. Do you always have the kids and hubby put socks in a separate basket? I like your blog Krista, we'll be in touch soon!

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