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    Jayne's studio was so fun to work on. Who wouldn't love to be amongst beautiful fabrics, beads, trims and creative company! Jayne is the creative handbag designer behind . She is also a wonderful mother + wife. Her story brings tears to my eyes and I'm proud to be a part of her life. (Look for her story in a future post) Jayne gave me a ring when she was ready to take her biz to the next level... take a look, I think she's got it going on! Take a look at the BEFORE + AFTER PHOTOS yourself...

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November 14, 2008


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Deb Lee

Pick me! I need file old paperwork. =/

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Love Peter Walsh! Big fan of his. I like that he gets to the heart of why someone has clutter. I'm pretty organized, but I love reading books on the topic and have been meaning to pick his up.

My biggest problem at the moment seems to be the Tupperware cabinet. I swear the plastic is breeding in there. When I open the doors, all the containers and lids come crashing out.

Great giveaway! :-)

Debbie Jordan Kravitz (Virtually Organized)

My night stand. The only time I think to clear it out is at night, when I'm too tired to deal with it.


The incoming mail table. It is the worst clutter stop in the house and I hate, HATE, clearing it out. But the risk of missing a bill drives me every week to this chore.

Grace Boyle

Congratulations Krista. That is very exciting! I just love Peter's comment about making the bed, how important is that? I never leave my room without making my bed, I feel like it's a prerequisite to start the morning off right.


I would LOVE to win a book. I am currently reading It's All Too Much and am wondering if Peter has ever met me as I seem to be his typical client. He really seems to get to the heart of the issues.

Andrea M

The everything cabinet; it holds everything such as phone books, catalogs, mail to get to, flyers, address book, pens, notepads, batteries, recipe binder, take out menu binder, hand saniter, a few candles, gum, small toys to have on hand as incentives, cords and attachments for cell phones, i-pod attachments...

Heather Stevenson

Awesome giveaway! I'm 1/2 way through It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. My Trouble Spot is all my magazines. I keep them all and keep thinking I might 'need' them to refer back to- yah, right! They are scattered 'neatly' throughout the house- in my bedroom, in a basket in the living room, on an end table in the family room and in the bonus room on a table. Seriously ridiculous!


I saw Peter on Oprah and loved it. My trouble spot is the attic, it houses my 3 adult children's life up to age 27...I need to work on de-cluttering that space. How many wrestling trophies does one kid need???


I have 'How to Organize just about everything' and it is FANTASTIC.

I need to take 10 minutes and redo my linen closet. We just had company and got extra stuff out, plus we went shopping at LNT's closing out sale (need to go back for towels;).

Cathy Kuffner

Hello! I am a mom of 4--Vanessa (9), Jack (7 with autism), Josie 2) and Colette (1). Though I have many, my biggest problem right now is organizing the toys, school, papers, and clothing of 4 kids in different stages of development in our house which outgrew when child #3 was born! In addition to that, I can't seem to find the (uninterrupted) time to get started and finish a project. Please pick me!


I desperately need to spend a multiple amount of 10 minutes in the office! Pick me!

allison carter

Love the new l@@k of the blog. Even as an organizer, I have to kick myself in the patootie to keep the dining room table from filling up with books, papers, bags because it's the flat surface closest to the door.
The Ten minute tango has been my clutter dance for years - since kiddies toy clutter days.


I need to spend (at least) 10 minutes with my bag of old mail/old bills & my shredder! It's been on the 'to do' list forever!!


My dining room. I moved in a year ago and the dining room still has boxes, empty and full, in addition to mail, magazines, books, and a pair of shoes I need to return. It's embarrassing, to say the least. Love your blog and I love Peter!!


He is my absolute fav organizer!!!!!!

10 min. project - take my huge pile of "stuff" out of my bedroom & out to the shed where it belongs. (Mostly seasonal stuff)

Don't ask me why it's in my room, that's just the most "hideable" area in my house.

On the same note...maybe I'm strange, but if my room is cleaned it just sort of spills over into the rest of the house. Sort of a launching pad I guess - plus you tend to sleep better too!

*I'm talking myself into finally getting it done*


Mercy's my blog.

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