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    Jayne's studio was so fun to work on. Who wouldn't love to be amongst beautiful fabrics, beads, trims and creative company! Jayne is the creative handbag designer behind . She is also a wonderful mother + wife. Her story brings tears to my eyes and I'm proud to be a part of her life. (Look for her story in a future post) Jayne gave me a ring when she was ready to take her biz to the next level... take a look, I think she's got it going on! Take a look at the BEFORE + AFTER PHOTOS yourself...

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July 30, 2008


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Oh, how I agree! I have 6 kids and find myself constantly falling into the trap of trying to "live in a magazine" with everything perfectly decorated and clean and organized. Nice thought...but it doesn't always work that way! The magazines either don't show toys and bits of childhood scattered around, or they show it so sparingly that it's more like a kid could visit there than live there. We stay pretty organized and decorated and cleaned up, but we never manage to stay "in the magazine" 24/7. If magazines would be more realistic, I think we'd all appreciate it!

Great post!


erin r

I'm way behind on my Krista & Friends Fix, but I wanted to post anyway. YES! Please show me the real stuff. I find it so much more inviting & warm. One example. Every year I go to the Oregon State Fair and look at the table setting contest. I don't know why I love it so, but I do. There's a theme and a menu and the centerpiece and tablecloth and dishes.

A few years ago the theme was "celebrations". There was the predictable gold-rimmed plates and star-spangled centerpieces. One table was "after the celebration". There was a smear of chocolate on the plate, lipstick on one of the glasses, which were partially full, and a pair of fabulous high heels under the table. It was FABULOUS, and it's years later and I still remember it. If it had been in a magazine, I think it would have caught my attention.

Oh, and Wondertime magazine... I love the realism in the photos.

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