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    Jayne's studio was so fun to work on. Who wouldn't love to be amongst beautiful fabrics, beads, trims and creative company! Jayne is the creative handbag designer behind . She is also a wonderful mother + wife. Her story brings tears to my eyes and I'm proud to be a part of her life. (Look for her story in a future post) Jayne gave me a ring when she was ready to take her biz to the next level... take a look, I think she's got it going on! Take a look at the BEFORE + AFTER PHOTOS yourself...

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July 26, 2008


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melissa @ the inspired room

Whoa, how did I miss the news that Billy Idol was at Edgefield? Darn!

Ok, I have to say that of course it is wonderful when function meets fabulous. But sometimes you just have to go with function and realize that while the fashion police may give you a warning, it isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things! With that said, I have girlfriends who I am positive would disagree with me on this point!

It was fun being on the radio show last week, great to meet you and next time a blast from the 80's is in town (Boy George? Cyndi Lauper? Tears for Fears?) call me!

Happy weekend,

Cindy Aggson

Hi Christa :)

Love love love your blog! LOL about the boot rash! Seriously, but hey no pain no gain!

So here's my vote ... after having three boys in less than 5 years and raising them over the last 9 years (very grateful!) I am now reaching a point in my-almost-40- life where I want to say to hell with function, capri pants, sensible shoes that you can sprint after a toddler in at the speed of light, and big mommy purses that have diaper wipes, hand sanitizer, bandaids, broken crayons, matchbox cars, pads of paper, and very scary remnants of fish crackers (or some other hideous kid-friendly snack food b/c we can't go more than 90 minutes with out food, right?) Now I want killer sexy shoes that I can't really walk in, a delicious tiny handbag (preferably from and a convertible! Well for at least a week!! :)


Hi, I am commenting on your last post about laundries. I believe every laundry should be at least as big as a bedroom. It is obvious that the people who design houses have no idea of the realities of life. ;-) A laundry should not be walkthrough either, you should be allowed to have a mess in there. At the same time I always decorate my laundry with things that make me happy as I have to work in there and that is bad enough without being in an unco-ordinated dump. I think your laundry is absolutely gorgeous and only wish I could get enough of my washing moved on to have mine look like that too! Cherrie

allison carter

You don't have to do the over-the-top fabulous outside when you feel fabulous inside, and girl, you are FABU!
I feel fab in my ratty old sneakers because I am fabu from the inside out.
Now sing me a verse of mony-mony.
-- Al


I have rather wide feet, so fit and function always trump fabulous. But every now and then, fit and FABULOUS combine. Which is why I have a pair of purple suede shoes with 3" heels that I love!


I still can't believe she was wearing that at the concert!!!


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