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    Jayne's studio was so fun to work on. Who wouldn't love to be amongst beautiful fabrics, beads, trims and creative company! Jayne is the creative handbag designer behind . She is also a wonderful mother + wife. Her story brings tears to my eyes and I'm proud to be a part of her life. (Look for her story in a future post) Jayne gave me a ring when she was ready to take her biz to the next level... take a look, I think she's got it going on! Take a look at the BEFORE + AFTER PHOTOS yourself...

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April 14, 2008


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Are you referring to the body language? ... lol.

Brandie Kajino

Ok seriously, I'm still giggling. Embrace your inner dork girl! :) And btw, Oprah is gonna love us! And if she doesn't, we'll just start our own show. ;)

John Trosko

I am forwarding this to you-know-who and see if you-know-who has anything to say about this sitchuation. Now, why can't we allll get along?

- John

Heather Stevenson

Love Peter, love Krista, love Brandie- you guys are all great in my book! I'm grinning from ear to ear and chuckling out loud from this entry. Totally hilarious and who can judge you for being you?
Thanks for sharing!

Beth Cozzi

LOL, Krista! Love this post! And I'm also ROTFL at your 20/20 reference. I hope they didn't just wipe your glasses down with a little windex and a dirty towel then cap them off with those little paper doilies...ewwwwwww!

krista colvin

I've learned to embrace my inner dork... thank you all for supporting that choice! My apologies to Peter for being a tad obnoxious~!

Ellen Damaschino crack me up! Just remember who passed on the Bota, I mean Blog Box of wine to you! Man, sounds like I missed a good party by going home early. Peetah loves you and you know it...clap your hands.


Oh, Krista, you are cracking me up. But what I really want to know is why I wasn't invited for some sharing of the Bota Box?

Seriously, it was so fun to meet you and I look forward to being regularly entertained by your blog! You're great...and I'm still trying to figure out why I think I already know you.....
Aby :)

Org Junkie

That is something I totally would have done, so comforting to know there are other dorks out there LOL.

Wish I could have been there, it sounds like a blast!

Visiting from Megan's blog,

Megan @ Disorder2Order

Okay, you are a silly girl, funny, but so silly. I really don't see a difference in your pictures... they look the same... what am I missing?

krista colvin

ok Megan, note how Peetah's head is tilted away from me- his face has also taken on some sort of slight grimace ;0

Lindy Bartell

Oh I've missed running into you!! We need to grab a coffee soon and catch up!! Love ya!

Judith Spitzer`

Krista you are soooo funny! Yes, I love my inner dork. Someone just gave me a tiny button that says "dork out"! So... didn't notices anything different except you're HUGGING him practically. And what is a Bota Box?

krista colvin

Judith... I need one of those dork-out buttons, but only one because I don't want anyone to confuse me for a server at tgifridays- anyone think that's "too" dorky?!

No hugging Judith, notice he's leaning away from me and he's leaning in toward Brandie... just a tad, but the photos were taken right after one another.

Oh... Bota Box. My gal Ellen left the conference before we did and she graciously passed her box of vino on to Brandie and I. I think Bota was the wine brand... but after a few glasses it could have been the warning label or box company for all I knew!

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