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    Jayne's studio was so fun to work on. Who wouldn't love to be amongst beautiful fabrics, beads, trims and creative company! Jayne is the creative handbag designer behind . She is also a wonderful mother + wife. Her story brings tears to my eyes and I'm proud to be a part of her life. (Look for her story in a future post) Jayne gave me a ring when she was ready to take her biz to the next level... take a look, I think she's got it going on! Take a look at the BEFORE + AFTER PHOTOS yourself...

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March 18, 2008


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Beth Cozzi

Good ones, Krista! Here are some of mine...
1) Seeing Kindergarteners walking single file, they are so cute and tiny!
2) Finding cash in a coat pocket
3) Family vacations
4) "no new messages" when you've played hooky from work for a few hrs
5) The thrill of a good ski run
6) Baby pictures



How about a few more that just might be from our shared DNA:

1. seeing a red cardinal bird.
2. the lightning show of an approaching storm.
3. the adventure of travel
4. The colors of Fall

Heather Stevenson

A few more:

1. Early dawn when you're tent camping
2. The register giving you a bigger discount than what the tag reads
3. Laughing with my sister
4. Two-toned Dahlias

p.s. Krista- Get well soon. I went to Camp Cispus as a 6th grader many years ago and was a counselor there in high school. Great place!


1. Sweaty baby hair after a nap
2. The friend that hits your personal "refresh" button, and a long talk with her
3. Sitting down with a cup of coffee looking at a clean kitchen
4. A three-year-old's recap of how anything in her world works
5. Holding hands


1. pedicures 2. my husband's call as he walks through the door after work 3. road trips with the boy 3. leisurely Saturday morning breakfasts 4. a sunny day 5. seeing something I planted grow in the garden 6. watching my friends succeed and grow 7. massages

krista colvin

HOW could I not feel better after reading your "favorite things"! Thank you SO much for sharing... and yes, my allergy blues have passed- HELLO spring!


One of my favorite things is chicken soup, whether I'm sick or not. One of my other favorite things is my mother. Because when her forty-something baby gets a cold, she makes me chicken soup.


and here are a few of my favorite things:
how a puppy's pink tummy feels, the fragrance of dinner cooking as you walk in the door, sunlight on a blue birds back; licking the beaters of 7 minute frosting (takes you back, doesn't it) remember: God has a plan.

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