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January 27, 2008


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Brandie Kajino

Great post! I'm loving beating the running water, but doesn't work so well with a front loader. I take the stuff out of the dryer, into a basket, then load the washed clothes into the dryer, put the next load into the dryer, and I'm off to fold. I sort and fold all the clothes on my bed, and put them away right when I'm done. Otherwise my husband will just push them to the side when he crawls into bed... hee hee hee... Honestly, though, I make it a rule cause I know otherwise they'll just multiply and grow, like a fungus. ;)
Happy laundry!
(P.S. I also love Mrs. Meyers' Geranium fabric softener, and yes I know it's $9/bottle, and I don't care! I use it for linens, and let me tell you, once you climb into a bed of Geranium-scented sheets, you'll never go back!)

Stephanie Vozza

Oh, the Geranium-scented products are wonderful!!!! We spent the Fourth of July weekend at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and everything is geranium scented -- sheets, shampoos, soaps, etc. I use the ironing spray (makes the job less dreadful).

Cathy | Mommy Motivation

Great tips!


Thanks for the tips. Laundry is definitely the biggest struggle I have right now. If you can't get laundry under control, EVERYTHING else seems to suffer too. It doesn't help that my laundry room is also where the furnace and hot water heater and the diaper pail are.....but at least I have a w/d in home and dont' have to go to the laundromat!


I am drowningin a sea of laundry. To combat this, I literally do 1 load every day. Before I even walk into my house when I get home from work I start a load. It is theonly way I have found to keep it managed. BTW, laundry sucks.


Accountability - put it away before the next load and don't look at any other chores on th way - really hit home for me. I posted this to my blog because I think one of the biggest problems I have is in not completing one project before starting the next. Example: putting clean socks away, but first tidy all socks, but first empty drawer completely so they can be tidied .... you get the picture. Just complete the one chore - put all clean socks in the drawer... then next rainy Saturday if you're looking for something to do...

ringworm treatment

cool thanks for the useful tips I will now do the laundry will not be the usual routine lol, greetings

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